Production Unit

Plants: Ammonia

The ammonia plant uses Haldor Topsoe A/S technology, it is a state of the art, low energy ammonia plant, incorporating the necessary modifications for integration with a urea plant. The Topsoe primary reformer is based on the side-fired furnace concept and ensures optimum utilization of high alloy tube materials and extended catalyst life due to very accurate temperature control.

Plants: Urea

The Urea and Granulation plant is based on Stamicarbon's well known carbon dioxide stripping process. Due to the 42-metre height limit imposed on the location, the synthesis section of the urea plant incorporates the first commercial application of the Stamicarbon H.P. Carbamate Condenser(Pool Condenser) which provides the following distinct advantages:

  • The pool condenser acts as a gas agitated reactor with a high degree of heat and mass transfer.
  • Reduced heat transfer area.
  • Much reduced risk of stress corrosion.
  • More stable pressure and level control in the urea reactor.
  • Reduction of reactor volume by some 50 per cent.
  • Ease of plant operation.