Awards and Recognition

SAP ACE is a customer awards process that recognizes & rewards SAP customers who have implemented and leveraged SAP solutions really well. SAP ACE is a hallmark of recognition from SAP India and is today considered by many as one of the top IT awards in India.

SAP ARIBA e-Procurement implementation at KAFCO:

ARIBA system in cloud platform started in operation from January’ 2020 including re-registrations of existing vendors and integrations with global vendors platform. Within the short journey,  the system adding the values in commercial negotiations , ensuring  secured and compliant bidding process and procurement cycle time are reducing due to online processing. PWC, India was our implementation partner. KAFCO being the first ever SAP ARIBA successful implementer in Bangladesh, In November 26 this year awarded in “Sourcing Excellence on Mid-Size Enterprise” winner by SAP ACE.This year over 150 project nominations were received across 15 categories. SAP ARIBA using in sourcing , A jury panel appointed by INDUS (the SAP India User Group) and awarded KAFCO as winner in this category.

SAP ARIBA has enhanced transparency, accountability, reliability and confidentialities of information. SAP ARIBA has delivered faster ROI and lower TCO.